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Interior Design & Architectural Services

At Acorn we work with only the very top professional architects and interior designers in Tulsa. Unless you already have experience of a good architect or interior designer, finding one that fits in with your wishes can be something of a challenge, because you may not know the right questions to ask. We have worked with interior designers and architects for many years, and we have narrowed them down to a handful that we trust implicitly. You get the best of the best with our Tulsa handyman services.

Home Remodeling

Whether you want to update that old kitchen or bathroom, make an existing room larger, or add another couple of rooms on top of the garage, Acorn handyman services has you covered. We can carry out any sort of work that is required, and at far less cost than leaving your neighborhood and moving to a different area. You also add considerable value to your home.

Windows & Doors
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Whether it’s wooden entry doors, interior doors, garage doors, sliding patio doors, storm doors, fiberglass doors, and more, Acorn can repair or replace them for you. Modern windows are far in advance of the ones that you probably have in your home at present, and the technology has developed to the point where they are so energy efficient that you can save a considerable amount on your heating and cooling costs. We will be happy to schedule an appointment to discuss replacing those old windows and doors.


Our Tulsa carpenters are quite simply the best in the business. You may want to rip out that old kitchen and start again from scratch, or just reface the existing cabinets. Whichever way you do it, the finished job will astound you. Of course, it’s not just the kitchen than can benefit from new cabinetry: you might want a home entertainment center, a storage cabinet, or new cabinetry for the bathroom. Trus


We can install any type of flooring that you require – wood, tile, vinyl, carpet – whatever you wish. One of the most dramatic improvements you can make to a building, whether it is your home, a showroom, or an office, is to install new flooring: you will be amazed at what our handyman Tulsa OK flooring services can achieve for you.

Other Services

Of course, the foregoing is just a sample of the many handyman Tulsa, OK, services that we provide. We can also build a complete new home, provide fencing and decking, install a fireplace, carry out re-wiring, undertake concrete and brickwork, and a whole lot more. Whatever you need to have done by a Tulsa handyman service, it is all under one roof at Acorn Handyman & Co.

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